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A Tuition Plan

The plan is cut day school tuition costs in half. Leading philanthropists would finance the shortfall with a 30 year interest free loan, essentially bridge financing. Each participating family would purchase 2 million dollars of life insurance, with premiums payable for 15 years. The insurance proceeds would be payable to an “education fund which would be used to enhance the qulity and affordability of Jewish education for all.


The target population is middle class parents who have removed their children form the day schools due to cost, or who are on the verge of doing so, and parents who after paying tuition have little left for any retirement savings or other charitable needs of society and who anecdotally are actually proving the maxim that the best form of birth control is day school tuition.

In its current form the day school system is unsustainable. With tuition increases consistently at between two and three times the rate of inflation more and more parents are opting out of the system. With study after study showing that day school education is the best guarantee of a Jewishly-committed adult, a decrease in enrollments today translates into a weakened Jewish community tomorrow. Over 90% of those who graduate from a Jewish high school –regardless of affiliation or denomination- marry other Jews while those who do not, intermarry at rates of approximately 50%.

Studies have shown that day school graduates are the most involved in Jewish community as adults. By making Jewish education much more affordable we will have a stronger, more committed and better-educated community. This will help create a bigger and better pool for the leaders of tomorrow.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

The Children of our Community
Children who through no fault of their own are denied an intensive Jewish education will now have the opportunity to attain one in a supportive environment. Measuring success is relatively simple; looking at enrolment and the number of parents who apply for the plan.

More manageable tuition payments over the course of the children’s day school years. They would also be leaving a legacy of at least 2 million dollars to the community.

End the need for annual allocations for funding to schools/parents as once the plan is fully operational it will be self funding and constantly growing.
Toronto wil once again take a leadership role in innovative thinking.

Opportunity for Involvement: 

Six point fund members would help indentify potential philanthropists who would provide the bridge financing to help get the plan off the ground and to work at continuously expand it. The connections of Sox points can help expand the offer to more and more families.

Time Frame: 

Beginning for the September 2012 school year a cross section of parents – exact number to be determined by funds raised – would pay half tuition and begin paying premiums on the lie insurance naming the community find as beneficiary.
Once funds are in place for 100 families JVPF can cease involvement.


Torah in Motion - Rabbi Jay Kelman

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

Jay Kelman is a rabbi, and on the faculty of TanenbaumCHAT and has seen first had the drop in enrollment along with the impact a day school education can have. He is also a Charterd accountant with an understanding of financial markets. He is working in conjunction with senior personnel at the Bank of Montreal who are dealing with the logistics of the plan and providing legal advice.

An administrative assistant would be hired to lend support to the fundraising team.

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

As more and more parents enter the system and opt for this option millions and then billions will be set aside today for the years to come. The program is easily replicated and works whether we are dealing with 1 or 5,000 parents. Obviously the more successful we are at gaining bride financing the more children there will be who can benefit from the plan.