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Motek Productions (MP) believes in making a difference and improving perceptions of Israel through cultural experiences. By bringing Israeli artists to North American communities, we are exposing Canadians to the cultural side of Israel, and adding to the cultural diversity of Toronto, in addition to allowing the culture of Israel to be shared with the rest of the world. Given the consistent negative portrayal of Israel in the media, we believe showcasing talented Israeli artists will allow a broader understanding and appreciation for the country of Israel and its contribution globally. MP has become an integral part of the Toronto Israeli and Jewish community by bringing leading performers from the Israeli stage and initiating a strong and unified community locally and internationally. MP events and concerts allow the gathering of large local Israeli, Jewish and Canadian populations together, bringing diverse communities closer to Israel through Israeli music. In addition, by promoting Israel’s culture, the Jewish community is encouraged to get in touch with their roots and the Israeli population is inspired to never lose sight of where they came from. MP proposes a major celebration highlighting the grand opening of The Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Campus for the Toronto Jewish Community on October 14, 2012, hosting the legendary Israeli folksinger, Shlomo Artzi, which will attract over 8,000 attendees. Among Jews internationally, Artzi is loved and revered by all generations and is known as the ‘Bruce Springsteen of Israel’. His music bridges different religious orientations too. (Read more about Shlomo Artzi at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shlomo_Artzi). The Lebovic Campus is changing the landscape of York Region, home to one of the world’s fastest growing Jewish communities outside of Israel. Designed with the community in mind, the campus will be a place for everyone - of all ages, affiliations and interests. It will be a centre of culture, education, recreation, wellness, celebration, health and social services. As Jewish Toronto endeavors to cement its leadership as North America's leading community, this event will reflect a community that is innovative and passionate about Israel, MP proposes to partner with the Lebovic Campus to expand the demographics of attendees of the Center’s Grand Opening in an epic event. A musical festival and concert of such a renowned international artist as Shlomo Artzi will provide the necessary audience to showcase and promote the leading-edge and community-minded Campus.
‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream together is reality’- John Lennon


There are several community needs Motek Productions fulfills through this event:

To promote Israeli Culture - a sense of pride,

To promote The Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus,

To foster a more unified Jewish Community in Toronto,

To promote community involvement,

To support Israeli artists and businesses.

The event MP proposes will address these needs simultaneously as Shlomo Artzi will attract
and guarantee attendees to the center’s grand opening event. It will draw a large Israeli population, Jews and Artzi fans; as well as people who might otherwise not necessarily be interested in the Lebovic campus. This will give greater exposure to the centre, its mission and services. This event will present a true community celebration - a united front, unique, inclusive and embracing Israeli culture - to the Greater Toronto Area by helping to re-brand the image of Israel globally. MP is using music, which is universally recognized, as a strong uniting factor. It will promote Israeli music to the Greater Toronto market and through the publicity for this event will also reach other Canadian and North American communities. MP will coordinate all the contributing participants to this event by attracting diverse volunteers, such as students, young couples, retirees and others, for various roles within the event.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

The goals and objectives of this project are:

-By having Shlomo Artzi as the headline artist, MP’s goal is to create the largest York Region Jewish Community gathering ever and to contribute to the overall successful launch of the Lebovic Campus.

-To use Shlomo Artzi’s popularity to target the vast and diverse demographics within different Jewish affiliating groups to attend - uniting all under one roof.

-Through ticket sales and promotional networking, create a database for future use for both MP and the Lebovic Campus.

-To enrich the culture and lives of our beneficiaries through Israeli music.

-Generate membership for the Campus and MP by offering discounts on sales.

-To provide an incentive for Toronto’s Israeli community to visit/tour the campus for possible future membership and involvement.

-Through the revenue of this event, we will have the opportunity to bring more Israeli artists to Toronto in the future.

-To allow for a North American tour for Shlomo Artzi, which will expose Jews and non-Jews alike to a taste of Israeli culture.

We intend to measure our success by quantitative data. Specifically, we will follow up our concert with a survey to help understand the exact make-up of our audience and their interests/motivations as input for future MP events and for the Lebovic campus. Further, we suggest tracking over time attendees feedback with respect to the event and centre to better define our success. The quantitative aspect will be measured through the sales of tickets, ‘number of attendees, memberships, database follow up, corporate sponsorship, and more. In addition, the success can be measured through the publication of various articles in local and international media.

Opportunity for Involvement: 

In addition to financial support from Six Points JVPF, MP is looking for assistance specifically in
the following areas:
Website & technology services / Business development, analysis & marketing / Fundraising / Legal counselling / Entrepreneurship / Operations & project management / Human resources / Graphic design / Social media expertise / Strategic planning / PR & media networking
Leverage to attract corporate sponsors to not only ensure success at the grand opening but also make it possible to have a North America-wide tour for Shlomo Artzi;
Ensuring media coverage overall, and not solely within the Jewish media.

Time Frame: 

MP strives to be flexible towards working within the time frame of completion of the Levobic Campus construction. As of now, the date of the opening event is October 14th, 2012. However, in order to guarantee Shlomo Artzi, we will have to book him immediately with a financial deposit. Once the opening of the Lebovic Campus is officially confirmed, we would begin the event planning such as event details, production booking, marketing / promotion, corporate sponsorship, and other venue/dates for a North American tour. Solicitation for corporate sponsors would happen over the winter, with ticket sales commencing April/May 2012. Following the Grand Opening event in Toronto, MP would continue with all other tour dates, venues and details for Shlomo Artzi on their own.


A list of past sponsors within the past year:
Gazit Globe / El AL / Power Club / Julie M. Gallery / Rachel's Centre / Jewish Agency for Israel / Tel Aviv University / Canadian Friends of Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Nefesh B' Nefesh / Israel Bonds /
FOS / Na'amat Canada / Beit Tora / Aroma / JNF London / Others.

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

MP has already established itself as an innovator with a reputation of being ‘able to make things happen’. The company is the brainchild of Ravid Dahan, an Israeli living in Toronto. After spending a great amount of time with Jewish communities across the world, Dahan was convinced that much would be gained across North America from exposure to Israeli culture. Dahan has the skills and experience to facilitate this project with the the utmost success. (Read more about Dahan at http://www.motekproductions.com/home#!__home/press). Since its start, MP has been bringing top mainstream Israeli artists across North America, and sharing with the world what Israel has to offer. MP has a solid track record including Toronto’s sold out concerts of Israeli stars such as: Idan Raichel, Ivri Lider, Hadag Nahash, Rami Kleinstein, Asaf Avidan, Shalom Hanoch and many more.

In addition, MP believes in expanding the appreciation of Israeli culture outside of the Jewish community alone, specifically initiating collaborative opportunities for each Israeli artist, and donating the funds to cover the cost of such events. For example, Idan Raichel, an Israeli musician that mixes various cultures’ to create a hybrid of sounds, was introduced to the York University student body thanks to our collaborative efforts with the Somali community. This resulted in a performance and meet-and-greet opportunity for both Raichel and various Somali musicians to collaborate creatively on the same stage, in front of a diverse audience. Similar unique and different concepts were executed as part of each Israeli musician’s Toronto performance, extending his/her/their appeal both geographically and demographically across Canada.
( Read more about MP Community activities at www.motekproductions.com )

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

MP is extremely innovative and focused on bringing to North America, the most popular Israeli Artists, while establishing partnerships within the community in order to do so. We have been, and are continuously developing, projects with the expressed intention of uniting communities; promoting Israeli culture, and recruiting community members as contributing partners in our development and success. MP’s goals and potential is to continuously grow and expand event opportunities and community gatherings where participants can network, volunteer, community involvement and interact socially.
MP has the potential to achieve scalability and sustainability through ticket sale revenues, event production revenue, and corporate sponsorship. Additional, we have the potential to replicate this type of event at other times the year and in various locations. By having the support of Six Points JVPF, we will have greater and stronger leverage and be able to secure sponsorships. Furthermore, MP is a leader in both communities - Israeli and local - by combining business, social change and Jewish values through the showcasing of Israel’s most popular musicians.
MP’s project meets other Six Points JVPF criteria such as:

1. Innovation – MP is unique is its mission to widely establish a better understanding and
appreciation of Israel through its music, we committed to bringing a little bit of Israel to
those who cannot or would never even consider (for a variety of reasons) visiting the country.
This is the expressed goal of helping improve Israel’s reputation via culture and shared interests.

2. Replicability/Scalability – our intention is to expand Artzi’s 2012 itinerary to include other
North American cities with significant Israeli communities such as Montreal, New York, Chicago
and Los Angeles. Furthermore, this will only be the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial
relationship between Toronto-based MP; Six Points JVPF; The Lebovic Campus and any other potential partnering organization(s) in the future.