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Project HaMotzi

Project HaMotzi, meaning ‘who brings forth’, is an inclusive social networking and multi-media initiative. It is centered on ‘bringing forth’ traditional recipes and personal stories to showcase and preserve the diverse multicultural makeup of today’s hybrid Israeli culture. There is a strong need for positive PR for Israel, creating networks, unification of diverse Jewish communities and preserving and recording recipes and personal stories. Through the collaboration and networking of a wide-range of skill sets of the Jewish community in Toronto (including photographers, graphic designers, philanthropists, organizations, professionals, writers, students, etc), Project HaMotzi has developed initiatives to foster these needs. The initial project includes the production and publication of a vibrant, colourful and diverse anthology with short stories, recipes and contemporary and vintage photographs that culminate into a creative and aesthetically beautiful book, social networking website and book launch event. The project’s process is recorded to further create multimedia documentaries to be posted on the website and developed into a series and/or film. The social networking website will promote the project as well as allow people to post profiles, to share stories, recipes, photographs and video as well as, ask questions, exchange recipes/ideas and blog. Project HaMotzi is creating a ‘virtual table’ to bring networks together; thereby creating an evolving, organic and growing network through the participation of many diverse people within this project. Project HaMotzi utilizes food as a universal tool that engages people to share and learn in the experience of others; to experience their past and their present; their country of origin and their culture and traditions. The sharing of food, particularly ‘family recipes’ and their personal stories have always been an effective catalyst in bringing people together, bridging of cultural barriers and are a direct link to everyone’s cultural identity. Project HaMotzi documents the journey that brought people to Israel, what are the roots of the current Israeli society and culture; and how this relates to each of us in the Diaspora in exploring and understanding our own Jewish identity. Inspired from the name of your foundation, the “Six Points” of the Star of David can be viewed as representing the visual model of the network we are creating. The Six Points are the initial points of light from which intersecting networks can emanate and the twelve sides of the Star represent the joining through collaboration and sharing.


The target populations are those interested to ‘bring forth’ and sharing the culture of Israel with the rest of the world through the universal love for food. Project HaMotzi initially targets The Jewish Communities in Toronto and Israel and those who want to be involved in a creative social change project; including international 'foodies', cook book collectors and history lovers. The target population will expand to other cities as Project HaMotzi is replicated and the social network grows. There has always been a need/desire to engage the diverse cultural and socioeconomic communities in the Diaspora and Israel in a sustainable organic dialogue and social network that could grow exponentially fostering collaboration, mutual understanding, belonging and a sense of one’s authentic Jewish identity and impact on Israel. The hybridization of cultures within Israel has created a unique contemporary Israeli culture that is impacting music, art, technology, sustainable energy and medical research that is not always showcased or celebrated internationally due to political issues, pressures and the boycotting of Israeli products, research and artists. Project HaMotzi will present stories of individuals that will allow all these areas to be promoted and given publicity of their existence. Project HaMotzi will impact each of the participants and communities personal lives by enriching and inspiring them to foster community and mutual understanding between Israel and the world by evoking a personal sense pride, belonging and personal identity. A viral international virtual community of intersecting networks is being created that encourages, dialogue, collaboration, exchange of ideas and the promotion of cultural treasures and personal work that reaches a broad spectrum of society.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

The project is designed to utilize social media tools and crowd-sourcing technologies to achieve the following goals and objectives: Enrich and impact the lives of Jewish community in Toronto, Israel and internationally/ Facilitate new methods for building networks and communities through collaboration of various people / Provide a bridge to connect the Jewish community in Toronto (and the Diaspora) to Israel/ Illuminate the hybrid Israeli culture/ Document stories and recipes - setting forth on a culinary adventure/ Learn to cook other cultures’ food and engage in their flavours/ Create a virtual table – a community gathering point – to build viral and sustainable networks with exponential growth potential/ Establish a foundation model in Toronto that is replicable – a linchpin and cornerstone of the initial ’Six Point Star’ network (Expand to other Canadian, US and international cities, each creating the network to produce their stories relating to Israel’s diverse makeup and/or each city can focus on its own multicultural makeup of its Jewish community)/ Utilize the skills, creativity and resources of a broad spectrum of Jewish communities. The success of the program can be gauged through measurement of the: Collaborating partnerships within the development and production/Number of contributing parties and supporters/ Total amount of social media ‘members’ and/or visitors to the online community(s)/Feedback and sharing of ideas generated through the social networking tools (website, blogs, facebook, etc.)/Numbers of book sales and attendees to the events/Association and affiliation with other organizations, institutions, foundations/ Media exposure of all phases of this project/Tracking the organic growth of the intersecting communities./Potential on-line advertising revenue.

Opportunity for Involvement: 

Project HaMotzi has reached a phase in its development that financial support and the inventory of professional services and skill sets is crucial for the creation and launch of the projects’ website and social networking platform as well as provide an opportunity to work with graphic designers for the book layout and promotional material. The project would benefit greatly from a partnership with JVPF and its members and their networks, ranging from: strategic business planning, budgeting, financial modelling and development; fundraising, website and social media expertise & networking development and maintenance; graphic design, legal and accounting advise; operational & project management and staffing requirements; marketing, PR, media networking & retail. Furthermore, it is important for us to not only have JVPF’s members be participating within our ‘Six Point’ network ,but as well be beneficiaries.

Time Frame: 

1-6 Mths: Branding and web design/ Commission Graphic Designer for book design/ Complete initial batch of stories and recipes/ Page layout aesthetics/ Continue sourcing participates and contributors (more stories/recipes – ongoing through the entire project until deadline of 15 mnth)/ Finalize social network software and design/ Create PR program/ Launch website and social network
7-12 Mths: Complete 2nd batch of stories and recipes / Tweak and adjust website functionality/ Build social network/ Marketing and Promotion program in place/ Continue fundraising leveraing JVPF sponsorship/ Recipe testing with Chef for book publication/ Source book distributor(s)
13-18 Mths: Recipe and Story cut-off/ Finalize title of book/ Finalize Index/ Print Book/ Book Launch Event
19-24 Mths: Measure success of project/ Source other funding opportunities/ Continue book promotion/ Add multi-media documentaries to website/ Networking/ Establish replicable potentials
It is anticipated that book sales as well additional funding sources will allow the project to attain sustainability within 24 months.


The mission of Project HaMotzi’s partnering organization ARC Institute (Artists Raising Consciousness) is to help raise awareness of those who make a positive impact on society by using storytelling and social media. ARC’s Founder & Executive Director, Billie Mintz mentors and works directly with Project Manager, Lauren Lyons through all stages of development. Project HaMotzi and Arc Institute have an established and experienced team to facilitate this project and a vast network in place.

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

Project HaMotzi has an initial team to successfully achieve its goals. The key personnel as staff, volunteers, and advisors: Lauren Lyons (Project Director/Social Entrepreneur/Founder of Project HaMotzi), has a BDes from the OCADU and years of experience workings in various sectors, such as a fundraiser for a women’s non-profit organization in Israel; and a Project Assistant for an International Event Planning Company in Israel. Her diverse and versatile experience/skills together with her personal passion for the Jewish community and Israel have facilitated the original concept and implementation and will ensure its ongoing success. Lauren’s responsibilities have been: the development of concept, networking and recruitment of participants. She is in constant communication with all participants collecting of material, research, video, fundraising, and managing and monitoring responsibilities. She is also a contributing writer and photographer. Ofir Levit (Project Assistant Israel) – has a Bachelor from Beer Sheva University majoring in psychology. She has worked in many successful companies in Israel such as CheckPoint and Comtec Inc. - large and international event planning company bringing key administrative and coordinating skills. Ofir coordinates all the material in Israel, sourcing other participants, research and opportunities in Israel. Yvette Moussa- (Project Assistant Toronto) – BDes from OCADU and B.Ed and has years of experience being a designer and event/tradeshow organizer- coordinates the network and material in Toronto and also assists with graphic design work and video. Ira Lyons (Business Consultant) - is a successful entrepreneur and consultant for many companies bringing innovative technologies and concepts to market including Alternative Energy, online publishing and innovative retail concepts. His extensive experience contributes to the project in the areas of concept development, accounting, operational procedures, budgets, financing and team building. Billie Mintz (Consultant and Advisor) – See Above. Lisa Bettencourt (Volunteer Book Designer) BA in English from McGill University and a publishing degree from Centennial College. She has worked in design and marketing at HarperCollins for nearly 5 years and designed book covers for Margaret Trudeau, Michael Cunningham and Helen Humphreys. She did the sample chapter for the book project (Please see Budget for link to Sample Chapter). Toben Kochman (Chef Consultant) – Executive Chef, Founder and Owner of Executive Chef and Founder of Toben Food by Design, attended the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Paris; Awarded the Grand Diplome du Cordon Bleu for excellence in all aspects of the program. He is a chef consultant, who provides expertise in the formulation of the recipe components, ensuring accuracy, readability and preparation ease. Shawn Topp (Website/ Social Media Consultant) - BCom in Marketing and Finance from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. He has spent the better part of a decade immersed in the digital development and design world with heavy experience in branding, web design, mobile and social media activation, and database driven applications. He consults the project in these areas. Ongoing access to the volunteers, advisors and potential Directors will continue as required. Additionally, it is anticipated that the available skill sets of JVPF will provide additional resources required.

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

Project HaMotzi is an innovative and self perpetuating social network that is both sustainable, replicable and has exponential growth potential. Project HaMotzi develops collaborative projects and initiatives that utilize the traditional concepts of art, storytelling, culture, food, and links them with contemporary media technologies such as website and social networking to create a unique and innovative new project concept. Project HaMotzi targets the needs of our community through positive social change and networking. By establishing a vibrant Jewish community project that uses heritage as its backbone, cross-cultural connections will be cultivated through awareness of multiculturalism within Judaism and beyond .Each step in project is a network in itself and together these individual networks will expand, interact and converge to create a more diverse, collaborate and organic ‘global village’. While initiated in Toronto, the project is scalable and can be replicated in every Jewish community in Canada, US and worldwide. The project is currently at the stage in its development where financial investment and professional services will have a significant impact on the project by providing the necessary resource collaboration to attain sustainability and exponential growth.