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Private School Initiative

The Temmy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre (FHJC) aims to reach out to our neighbourhood youth. In addition to those that attend Jewish schools and public schools, there are a large number of Jewish young adults who attend non-Jewish private schools. Our vision is to spearhead a comprehensive project which will impact this third category of students. Our vision is to import Jewish clubs and activities into their school routine. By hiring a husband and wife team whose passion is to educate Jewish youth, the FHJC will create Jewish clubs and programs such as Holocaust Remembrance Day that are uniquely suited for private school students. This couple will create a long term bond with these students that will last beyond the high school experience. In addition, they will connect these teens with other like-minded private school Jewish students across the GTA.
The FHJC has a strong tween and teen program which has successfully reached many local private school students. Although the program is highly successful, we need a team to devote their energies exclusively to this cause so that we can expand to the private school campuses.


The Forest Hill neighbourhood has a high concentration of Jewish communal leadership. Today’s leaders will pass on the baton to their children. Thus, it is critical to create a system where we can infuse the next generation’s leaders with core Jewish values. The halls of the local private schools such as Bishop Strachan and Upper Canadian College have a large Jewish population. It is key to reach out to these students and educate them about our rich Jewish heritage. With these values they will succeed in leading the next generation of Toronto Jewry. The PSI will be the only program dedicated exclusively to Jewish leadership education in the private school sector.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

We will create tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. The FHJC intends to reach, through the PSI, every private school in Toronto with a Jewish population. Furthermore, we will connect all participants of the PSI to each other, linking the private school Jewish demographic into one cohesive group. An end-of-the-year banquet, coupled with similar events throughout the year, will validate the success of this program.

Opportunity for Involvement: 

For the PSI to be effective we need the support of the Six Points JVPF. The only method for success in such a program is its funding and local connections to the schools in Forest Hill. Many UJA and Jewish Federation families are connected to UCC and Bishop Strachan among other schools and we need your referrals in order to be approved by the schools for programming. We currently have a quarter of the funding raised and with your help we can launch this program. Additionally, the FHJC needs the Six Points JVPF to assist in marketing the program to the local Forest Hill Jewish Community.

Time Frame: 

Two years, if program is successful and sustainable we will continue. The exit strategy for Six Points JVPF is that the parents of these PSI participants who will appreciate the work of the PSI will be the program’s future supporters. Just as they value the expense and worth of a private school education, they will value the long term gains of our programming.


Temmy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

The Forest Hill Jewish Centre will employ a full-time, experienced, dynamic husband and wife team to spearhead programs for the Forest Hill young adults. Their responsibilities will include:
• Develop Jewish clubs on private school campuses
• Instil in the students a passion for Israel and their rich Jewish heritage
• Connect these future leaders to other like-minded students in other private schools that the FHJC staff will be working with
• To provide bar and bat mitzvah lessons to the middle school students
• To encourage high school students to attend Israel trips and to help connect them with Jewish college roommates and on campus Hillel houses where applicable

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

The PSI will have a dual success in that a) it will connect tomorrow’s leaders with core Jewish values and b) historically speaking, when kids get involved in a cause, their parents very often follow suit. As a result, when other communities consider the lasting effect of this positive education, they too will seek similar couples to maintain a communal Jewish link. The trend of sending Jewish children to elite private schools is endemic to North America. The value of exporting this program to other cities is vital when we consider who will be heading the JCCs and Federations in 20 years time.