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Maccabi Toronto will create and launch a Mini Maccabiah focused on elite young Jewish athletes, boys and girls from 8-12 in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Mini-Maccabiah (a Jewish world first) will occur in June, 2012 and be the starting point for international competition. The Mini-Maccabiah will bring young Jewish athletes together as team mates and competitors, facilitating their evolution to represent Toronto at the JCC Games (ages 13-15) and ultimately, representation for Canada at the Maccabiah in Israel (ages 16+).
This differs from anything that currently exists as this is the first step towards the longer term objective of transforming the stereotype of what a Jew "is".
The Mini Maccabiah will identify and promote elite Jewish athletes, bring together the best and begin to nurture their development. Events will mirror the JCC Maccabi City Games and include team sports: Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. Individual sports planned are: Tennis, Bowling, Swimming, and Table Tennis. Planning to add after prototype demonstrated viable: Martial Arts, Hockey, and Ball Hockey.
We are seeking financial and professional support for our BIG JEWISH IDEA: development, promotion and seed funding for the implementation of a Mini-Macabbiah in Jewish Toronto.


The Mini-Maccabiah will engage Jewish children 8-12 years old in the Greater Toronto Area. Approximately one quarter of Jewish children in Toronto are new immigrants. Many are disenfranchised or unaffiliated members of the community. This innovative opportunity will provide their first introduction into Jewish life in Toronto. Participation will have a residual impact on the families of all the children involved in the games. In particular, new immigrants from Israel, Russia, South Africa, and South America will be targeted.
Another target will be observant Jewish youth who will be able to participate as Maccabi Toronto Academy does not play on Shabbat. We will ensure that all Leagues we enter will facilitate our need for no games Friday and Saturday, as well as no play on major Jewish holidays, while continuing our training sessions Sunday to Thursday. We are committed to building an inclusive Jewish environment which will integrate all Jews across the common pursuit of excellence in sport.
A focus on the development of elite young Jewish athletes in the GTA will also shift the perception of Jewish stereotypes by increasing the number of those competing at the top levels as Jewish Canadians. The media in the most cosmopolitan city in the world need new material all the time. We will ensure the participation and performance of elite Jewish teams and individuals becomes newsworthy, not just noteworthy.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

• To ensure Jewish Toronto youth are provided the opportunity and training to develop their skills, playing at the top level in sport.
• To establish the first competitive GTA based Jewish community youth sporting event. This will be the model for other cities across Canada and North America whereby young Jewish athletes are able to have another opportunity to compete at a reputable regional event.
1. To establish elite Jewish teams across different sports. The Mini-Maccabiah will be a catalyst to incubate and develop the first elite Jewish youth sports teams (other than soccer) in Canadian history.
2. After the Mini-Maccabiah is launched, in order to ensure competition at the highest level, Maccabi Toronto will further establish and host Sunday tournaments, inviting non-Jewish teams to participate.
3. To build and enhance character and leadership qualities in Jewish youth. Inherent in elite sports are the principles of discipline, commitment and sacrifice. These qualities are the cornerstone of Maccabi Toronto Academy’s philosophy and are taught by the highest quality coaches available. Primarily former professional players are sought to mentor our children. They are selected carefully to ensure they all have the ability and desire to share their love of the game and teach. These qualities also translate into success at the highest levels and will become part of the DNA of our community’s future leaders.
4. To integrate new Jewish Canadians into the fabric of our community through the international language of sports.
Each year, the Jewish teams will perform in increasingly higher levels of competition.
Individual players will be selected for provincial and ultimately, national playing honours.
Mini-Maccabiah will provide a source of players from which elite teams will be developed.
The Toronto team’s performance at the JCC Maccabiah games and ultimately, the Canadian team at the Maccabiah in Israel, will improve.
Increased number of medals, personal bests at JCC games and Maccabiah
Increased scholarship opportunities
Increased media coverage and Google hits on “Jewish athletics” and/or “Jewish athletes”
Increased engagement of Russian and Israeli youth in organized community activities

Opportunity for Involvement: 

There are five potential areas where support and input is requested from the SixPoints Fund members including:
Accounting, Administration and IT protocol
Internet promotion
Internet database management
Community Outreach – players, sponsors, ESSENTIAL facility access (political connections)
Public Relations

Time Frame: 

Initial funding to support publicity to launch Mini-Maccabiah: December 2011
Player sign up drive – Jan/Feb. 2012
March 2012 - possible events to build awareness and drive sign ups to coincide with both Jewish Day School Holidays and Secular School Holidays at which Basketball and Soccer tournaments will be held.
May Victoria Day 2012 – Baseball Tournament


Maccabi Toronto Staff:

Martin Emil Scott - Director
Boris Krimus - Head Coach & Technical Director
Dejan Vugrincic - Coach
Daniel Frankel - Coach
Bradley Rose - Coach
Izzy Ein Dor - Mini-Maccabiah Manager
Anita Martosh - General Manager
Allison Solomon - Manager
Jonathan Silver - Manager
Dina Fell - Office Manager
Maccabi Toronto Academy is a division of Maccabi Toronto, a registered NFP
We are imminently moving towards registering as a Charitable organization

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

General Manager for each sport. Head Coach for each sport. Professional Coaches will be drawn in Baseball from Toronto’s population (where possible ALWAYS Jews are sought, however quality cannot be compromised). Pro Coaches are supplemented by assistants (drawn where possible from Maccabi Canada players) to ensure optimal return on personnel and dollar investments. Management competence is ensured with key personnel intimately involved with Maccabi Toronto (since 1980) and also bringing decades of experience from both private sports institutions and professional sport play and coaching.

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

This program does not exist.
NEVER have elite Jewish youth participated as a team, representing their community. Maccabi Toronto has a working prototype of such success, 9 months old. Record of our 2002 boys: 24 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss. Goals for: 229 Goals against: 28
Our program will be sustainable as each year our base of players will grow and fees are paid by participants and sponsorships are sought (easier once credibility is established).
Exit Strategy: As soon as critical mass is reached the funding from Six Points is redundant. Projected 2 elite Baseball teams and 2 elite Basketball teams – each 8-10 and 11-12 which will be created from Academies of 96 children each sport.
Connections to PR, administrative model being established, Internet protocol MAY require occasional consultation, but will be in effect, marginalized after initial implementation.
The program is extremely scalable as new sports and age groups are planned and introduced, including hockey in the mid-term (3-5 years).
This unique design can be replicated wherever the base of Jews exists to warrant elite development. Montreal, Vancouver and American cities are easily energized.
Financial leverage
With increased base of players, number of teams, and performance increases to the level we expect, our ability to draw publicity and increased sponsorships are significant. Further, the database can be used to cross-market goods and services to and between the Academy members. For example the membership will grow to close to 500 in the first three years. This buying group will wield considerable power and influence across the Jewish GTA landscape. Our membership will contain many influential parents as well as highly influential sports figures - children, coaches and sponsors. These assets can be leveraged for both financial and social gain.