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Jewish Middle School Business Achievement

The Jewish Middle School Business Achievement Program will mentor the next generation of Jewish entrepreneurs by bringing students from all walks of Jewish life to construct and build businesses that serve their communities and that adhere to the values of Tikkun Olam, Ahavat Yisrael and Tzedakah. It will educate and empower youth to apply their knowledge and creativity while facilitating networking opportunities with students from other Jewish schools, denominations and affiliations in Toronto, Israel and around the world.


The MBA fulfills a two-fold need: (1) providing future leaders with the business skills they need to succeed; and (2) creating intra-Jewish dialogue across denominations and affiliations.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

Our goal is to bring real-life entrepreneurial skills to all Jewish schools in Toronto and empower Jewish students to create, manage and grow their own businesses for the benefit of the greater community. A secondary goal is to establish a means of communication between all Jewish day and supplemental schools in Toronto, around an area that is imperative to the sustainability of any community as well as to use that network to introduce new and untapped financial resources.

Our objectives are: (1) Supporting the students to run a real business; (2) Showcasing the students' achievements to the greater community; (3) Engaging the broader community in sponsorship and training [e.g. financial institutions, public and private enterprises, experienced professionals']; (4) Establishing long-lasting relationships with community members and businesses; (5) Introducing the idea of youth entrepreneurship to the Schools and their administration; (6) Creating a program and supporting documents, including manuals, templates, guidelines for training the trainer, to replicate the program as needed in different school settings; (7) Expanding the program to schools in Israel as a "twinning" initiative with participants in Canada; (8) Instill the value of Tzedaka in students by donating 10% of profits to a Jewish charity.

Success will be measured according to the number of day schools and supplemental schools that participate in the program. The rate of participation in and feedback about the program will be documented in a report to be written and published at the end of the first year of the program. This report will be used to sculpt the program as it grows and to ensure it is available to the widest number of Jewish students possible.

Opportunity for Involvement: 

As the nature of the business is facilitating student business, it is imperative that all SixPoints JVPF bring their experience and expertise to mentor this project: you will be creating the next generation of SixPoints members.

Time Frame: 

Year One: creating the program and getting the buy-in from schools and sponsors.

Year Two: implementing the program in the schools that have bought in, culminating in the First SixPoints Student Business Fair as well as demonstrating the success of the program to other schools in hopes of the program's further expansions.

The end of year two and the SixPoints Students Business Fair would signal the appropriate time for SixPoints JVPF to exit.


The Montessori Jewish Day School's staff, board and parent volunteers are committed to supporting the program through its inception.

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

Along with the support of the school, we may need to hire an external consultant to help refine the MBA program for Year One. Once in place, all of the participating schools will need to identify their own MBA team to customize and deliver the program to their students as well as to help organize the cross-school SixPoints Students Business Fair.

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

This program is sustainable as it will become part of a school's permanent curriculum.

This program can be expanded to other Jewish schools -- in Canada, Israel and around the world!

This program can be replicated anywhere and can be modified and adapted to suit any type of school within the Jewish community, allowing the sharing of ideas and among students and staff and administration.

The program takes a novel approach to the concept of student business education and networking by empowering the students to create and grow their own business as well as facilitating an idea exchange through the twinning and Business fairs. It uniquely places a Jewish lens over this type of education, emphasizing the need for Tikun Olam, Ahavat Yisrael and Tzedakah.