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Breaking The Glass (BTG)

Breaking The Glass (BTG) bridges the gap and provides a positive healthy creative system for all types of Jews to date Jewish in Toronto. BTG will employ a staff whose number one goal is to facilitate in the dating process and guide singles to successfully marry Jewish.
BTG unlike any other dating program, is a live program that will dedicate its time and money to getting Jewish singles married. Certainly, those dating are at the most critical point in the Jewish link of continuity. As assimilation in Canada rises beyond 30%, it is our duty to create an infrastructure for the many single Jews of Toronto. The role of the matchmaker is critical in that she devotes time to each member and helps the dating couple move along in the process. So often people go into dating with certain unrealistic expectations, and if they are not met on the first date, they will decide not to go out again. A good matchmaker will support both parties and can keep both sides open to giving it more of a chance. The program will serve both native Torontonians as well as the masses of Canadian singles that are moving to Toronto to date Jewish. Finally, the circle of Jewish continuity will be sealed when each successful match will be connected to a local Rabbi. At this point BTG passes on the torch of our heritage to the local community, thereby strengthening Jewish life in Toronto.


Toronto’s Jewish community has an incredible infrastructure which inculcates its natives with a strong Jewish identity: from primary school to secondary school, from culture and social clubs to the Jewish arts, our city is budding with Jewish activity. Additionally, at University there are plenty of opportunities to connect to Jewish clubs and organizations. Birthright is giving the post-high school and university student the opportunity to visit Israel and to connect to the Holocaust. Because of the plethora of these Jewish experiences, once our young professionals hit marriageable age, most will begin by “dating Jewish.” However, the dating scene is not easy. Singles who have a lack of dates may consequently, out of frustration, inter-date.
Internet, events, professional matchmakers and friends are how single people find their soul mates. However, there are countless unmarried adults who have no one to advocate for them. It is essential to create a system that focuses on a program where good Jews wanting to date Jewish are given the possibility to do so. There is a critical need to bridge the gap between the rich Jewish heritage that is instilled within each of these adults and their decision to date only Jewish. If we do not tend to this need, it is as if we have invested in a crop and left it in the barn to decay.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

To succeed at making even one match is worth all the work. Through the BTG, we anticipate making dozens of marriages. The goals will be reached through a comprehensive data base where people’s information and dating experiences with the BTG will be stored. This will allow the matchmaker to adequately assess each individual and determine how to link them with others in the data base. We foresee a data base consisting of thousands of profiles. This will be pivotal in achieving the desired goal of creating successful relationships and marriages.

Opportunity for Involvement: 

For BTG to be effective, we need the support of the Six Points JVPF. The only method for success in such a program is its promotion. BTG needs your involvement to create a trendy reputation with infrastructure of marketing and a team of volunteers who share our vision and will want to create BTG satellites throughout Toronto.

Time Frame: 

BTG will need two years to give the program the legs to make it run. Within this time frame we will be able to measure its success and foreseeable continuity. Our vision is to make 10 matches in year one or 20 matches in 2 years. When BTG has a high success rate, community leaders and members will want to support the BTG. The sustainability will come about through the success of the service, at which point the Six Points JVPF can exit in their financial investment.


Temmy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

How it Works:
The matchmaker will be a qualified relationship specialist who has experience working with married and unmarried couples.
• Each person meets with our expert matchmaker to describe themselves and articulate what they are looking for in their match.
• BTG will create a team of volunteers across the city whose goal is to help in our mission of Jews dating Jews. This team will help create a data base of unmarried Jewish adults looking to get married.
• Criteria will be developed that will promote a respectful, serious dating experience.
• BTG will have staff that will nurture relationships throughout the process.
• BTG will have a reputation for honest dating, gaining credibility which will result in more candidates joining the group.
• Once a couple gets engaged, BTG will match them up with a local rabbi in their immediate community. This rabbi will volunteer to give the couple two 45-minute classes on marriage and Jewish life. This way the couple will be reconnected to their roots. Any wise rabbi will capitalize on developing a relationship with the next generation’s congregants.
• $250 donation to the matchmaker is expected from each successful match made.

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

When the BTG’s unique dating program will successfully match Jewish singles, the program will not only be replicable but with added staff can be expanded. Its most unique quality is the devotion of the staff to carrying the couples through the process and supporting those who need further assistance, all along keeping them focused on marrying Jewish.

There is no fee to participate in this service. When BTG has a high success rate, community leaders and members will want to support the BTG. The sustainability will come about through the success of the service.