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The Toronto Jewish Free Loan Cassa has been loaning money, interest free, to small business applicants since 1924.
We are looking to raise money for the sole purpose of investing the funds and holding them as security for clients unable to find guarantors for their business loans (Angel Guarantors), as all of our business loans require 3 guarantors.
We believe this money can be leveraged two or three times the amount in the fund as our default rate is less than 1%.
We are also looking to fund the development of some online business tools to assist clients with their business endeavors.
Finally we are looking to have some of the investors act as mentors or a sounding board to these new and inexperienced business clients.


We have never really been able to raise any money to be used solely for guaranteeing business loans. We are always getting inquiries from clients who emigrated from Russia, Israel, South America and even other parts of Canada and the USA, who were unable to apply for a loan solely due to the fact that they have limited social networks and cannot find suitable guarantors.
It would not be inconceivable to double or triple the annual business loans as a result of this initiative.

Goals, Objectives & Measurement: 

Our goal is simple: to double or even triple the annual number of business loans granted. All of our loans are recorded in our loan software program and it can keep track of those who were helped by the Angel guarantor fund.

Opportunity for Involvement: 

SixPoints fund members can assist in two ways: to help mentor individuals in that which is required to start up and run a successful small business and secondly, to provide technical assistance in helping to develop online tools which will help now and in the future with building a business plan and financial projections just to name a few.

Time Frame: 

We believe that success will be measured against the previous annual number of loans so that the expected time frame would be one calendar year, presumably 2012.
SixPoints exit would naturally occur once the funds are in place, continues to grow, and the online tools are developed and in place to assist future applicants.


Our organization, Toronto Jewish Free Loan Cassa, consists of an Executive Director, two part-time staff, volunteers, and board members.

Organizational Structure and Expertise: 

The organization has been successfully lending money to small business applicants for over 85 years.
The expertise lies in the volunteers who've been involved for many years; staff who have been doing this for a combined 55 years and the new Executive Director, A. Michael Freedman who successfully owned and operated a large business for over 30 years.

Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness: 

We believe strong consideration should be given to our application because we only help the Jewish community who are in need of help and we have been doing so since 1924.
Knowing that we can rely on the expertise of the fund participants, at least for a year, we know in our hearts that we can accomplish something we have never been able to do, that being to help small business applicants get a head start who previously were unable to do so as a result of inappropriate or nonexistent guarantors.
Having a 30 year business veteran join Toronto Jewish Free Loan Cassa in the last six months, enhances our expertise in the small business startup area.
We believe this is unique as it has never been accomplished in our 85 year history. With help from the fund, this money will be put aside to grow and then leverage it two or three times its value, allowing us to help even more people in reaching their dreams and quite possibly help us attract other interested investors.
Our success can be the impetus for other like organizations to follow, or perhaps allow us to partner with organizations such as JF&CS, JIAS, or JVS and help them with their clients’ needs.

We believe there is no better reward, than helping people help themselves, and with the help of this fund, our small business startups will help individuals take control of their lives and perhaps enhance the lives of others.