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young professionals


Grounded in the principles of empowerment, inclusiveness, and openness, reCREATION offers a forum for young Jewish professionals to engage as thought leaders in their own Jewish journey, and in that of their community…with no preconceived outcomes. reCREATION consists of three component parts: an annual summit, to be held at a camp outside ofToronto; experiential educational modules during the year; and a Network of Innovation. The summit, or “Jewish camp for adults,” will enable participants/thought leaders to explore their own Jewish identity through Jewish living as well as through customized learning options. The immersive experience will also provide important open space for collaborating in the development of experiential learning modules and in establishing a Network of Innovation amongst young Jewish professionals. It is anticipated that the experiential modules offered 4-5 times through the year may end up being taught by some of the most unlikely suspects and that it will be this Network of Innovation from which the next Big Idea/s originate.