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Rabbinical School

THE CANADIAN YESHIVA & RABBINICAL SCHOOL (CY&RS) IS THE MOST SWEEPING PROJECT TO TOUCH THE CANADIAN JEWISH COMMUNITY IN 100 YEARS. With a Canadian rabbinical school, we serve not a project with an agenda, but a panoramic vision, perpetuating our Jewish past, grounding ourselves and our children as a Jewish community in the present, and securing a quality Canadian Jewish future going forward. Year-by-year, graduating Canadian Jewish leaders go into the community, each offering some forty years of public service. The time is now, for with each passing day, our strong Canadian Jewish community is dissipating, becoming more like the Jewish community south of the border. Without yet doing any recruitment, the CY&RS' unique worldview of Classic pre-denominational Judaism has already attracted more than forty interested parties. The identified venture-capital projects, including degree-granting authority from the province of Ontario, are those capable of being leveraged to give CY&RS the foundation and recognition it needs to sustain itself on its own. With the much-needed mentoring and recognition that JVPF would also bring, the Canadian Yeshiva & Rabbinical School would look forward, within two years, to a milestone event celebrating its first class, an event that would double as an opportunity to pass the JVPF banner onto others.