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Breaking The Glass (BTG)

Breaking The Glass (BTG) bridges the gap and provides a positive healthy creative system for all types of Jews to date Jewish in Toronto. BTG will employ a staff whose number one goal is to facilitate in the dating process and guide singles to successfully marry Jewish.
BTG unlike any other dating program, is a live program that will dedicate its time and money to getting Jewish singles married. Certainly, those dating are at the most critical point in the Jewish link of continuity. As assimilation in Canada rises beyond 30%, it is our duty to create an infrastructure for the many single Jews of Toronto. The role of the matchmaker is critical in that she devotes time to each member and helps the dating couple move along in the process. So often people go into dating with certain unrealistic expectations, and if they are not met on the first date, they will decide not to go out again. A good matchmaker will support both parties and can keep both sides open to giving it more of a chance. The program will serve both native Torontonians as well as the masses of Canadian singles that are moving to Toronto to date Jewish. Finally, the circle of Jewish continuity will be sealed when each successful match will be connected to a local Rabbi. At this point BTG passes on the torch of our heritage to the local community, thereby strengthening Jewish life in Toronto.