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Special needs

Camp Aim

CAMP AIM was established in 2008 to create a camp experience that would cater to the needs of Jewish children aged 3-12 with a wide range of disabilities and medical needs. The camp addresses the social, recreational, and therapeutic needs of these children. It is the only Jewish day camp in Toronto providing for special needs children, serving some 40 children each July. This year a Leadership Program was instituted to service special needs teens by providing them with specialty programming and vocational training while instilling in them the value of giving back to their community. Our mission is to help physically and mentally disabled children enjoy a Jewish day camp environment while continuing to grow in skills and self-esteem through the summer.

We are conscious of the critical need for socialization, recreation and therapy in this population and are committed to growing the service to more children in the community. The camp currently plays a vital role in the lives of children and their families. It provides a warm Jewish environment filled with activities for the children, and a much needed respite for their parents and siblings. Hard-earned advances made by the children in the school year are constantly built upon as we bridge the delicate balance between therapy and fun.

Help CAMP AIM in its mission to provide more services to more Jewish children with special needs.

CAMP AIM presently manages its budget for the current enrollment in three ways: first, through tuition; second, through the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) government initiative; and third, through various government and non-governmental grants that are available to the parents. We have already received the maximum allotted amount for a camp from the CSJ.

It is important to note that since the inception of the camp in 2008, we have always maintained a deficit-free budget. The camp has been run in a lean yet most efficient manner. We have never advertised, yet our enrollment has grown exponentially from ten children to forty this year, and a wait list of ten.

Our proposal requires your investment for program funding so that we can open our doors to as many Jewish children with special needs as possible. As well, CAMP AIM seeks to launch a marketing and public relations campaign to raise community awareness and future funding in order to ensure sustainability. Your help in this area would be most beneficial.

We are excited about the prospect of partnering with you in this endeavor and thank you for your consideration of our request.

Reena's Job Creation Initiative

This initiative will see the establishment of an employment program that will provide job search, training, job placement and ongoing support to individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health issues. Individuals with developmental disabilities and other challenges (dual diagnosis) have had a difficult time accessing competitive employment. Our community has a need for people to work at entry level jobs who are loyal and invested in their work with excellent attendance records. We need the expertise of SixPoints JVPF members, their entrepreneurship, skills in strategic planning, marketing and public relations as well as their contacts to open doors to businesses in the community. The funding will assist with marketing and outreach, the development and distribution of the model as well as staff to do job analysis and placement. We will work closely with and learn from SixPoints JVPF members how to recruit businesses to this endeavour. The social climate for employing people with disabilities has never been as open as it is today. Let’s take advantage of the momentum of the Ontario government's AODA marketing to reach out to the community in a concerted way and launch this initiative.