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Jewish history and contribution preservation

Jewish Diaspora Festival

The First Annual International Jewish Diaspora Festival will take place on June 10, 2012 in Toronto and online worldwide at www.wix.com/conferencenet/jewishdiasporafestival It is intended to collect, preserve, and disseminate information about the contribution of different Jewish communities around the world to the Jewish and universal civilizations. Many of these communities, which were once flourishing, will no longer exist in a few years. Their respective contributions, however, remain important to the wider Jewish community today. Memorializing the memories of the members of those diverse communities will also serve to explain the origins of Jewish culture to generations that have no personal memory of them. It is also intended that publicizing these contributions may impress upon non-Jewish communities in those areas where Jewish communities are no more that the physical remnants of the now defunct Jewish communities ought to be preserved.
The Ambasador of the State of Israel to Canada will be invited to open the program. Subsequently the program will feature documentaries, diaspora community booth presentations, music performances, theatre plays, dancing, cooking demonstrations, art displays, kids’ activities, crafts, synagogues of the world displays, book exhibits, review collections, photography and stamp collections, market place and food court, draw for a trip to visit community of origin, Diaspora representative Hall of Fame awards, and more.