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Motek Productions (MP) believes in making a difference and improving perceptions of Israel through cultural experiences. By bringing Israeli artists to North American communities, we are exposing Canadians to the cultural side of Israel, and adding to the cultural diversity of Toronto, in addition to allowing the culture of Israel to be shared with the rest of the world. Given the consistent negative portrayal of Israel in the media, we believe showcasing talented Israeli artists will allow a broader understanding and appreciation for the country of Israel and its contribution globally. MP has become an integral part of the Toronto Israeli and Jewish community by bringing leading performers from the Israeli stage and initiating a strong and unified community locally and internationally. MP events and concerts allow the gathering of large local Israeli, Jewish and Canadian populations together, bringing diverse communities closer to Israel through Israeli music. In addition, by promoting Israel’s culture, the Jewish community is encouraged to get in touch with their roots and the Israeli population is inspired to never lose sight of where they came from. MP proposes a major celebration highlighting the grand opening of The Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Campus for the Toronto Jewish Community on October 14, 2012, hosting the legendary Israeli folksinger, Shlomo Artzi, which will attract over 8,000 attendees. Among Jews internationally, Artzi is loved and revered by all generations and is known as the ‘Bruce Springsteen of Israel’. His music bridges different religious orientations too. (Read more about Shlomo Artzi at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shlomo_Artzi). The Lebovic Campus is changing the landscape of York Region, home to one of the world’s fastest growing Jewish communities outside of Israel. Designed with the community in mind, the campus will be a place for everyone - of all ages, affiliations and interests. It will be a centre of culture, education, recreation, wellness, celebration, health and social services. As Jewish Toronto endeavors to cement its leadership as North America's leading community, this event will reflect a community that is innovative and passionate about Israel, MP proposes to partner with the Lebovic Campus to expand the demographics of attendees of the Center’s Grand Opening in an epic event. A musical festival and concert of such a renowned international artist as Shlomo Artzi will provide the necessary audience to showcase and promote the leading-edge and community-minded Campus.
‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream together is reality’- John Lennon