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Jewish Employment Initiative– Response to Poverty Reduction and Prevention

Funding from Six Points Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund will expand employment opportunities for a greater number of Jewish job seekers. Your grant, coupled with your vital hands-on support, networks and guidance, will empower JVS Toronto to mobilize Toronto’s Jewish community leaders and volunteers to develop and implement an aggressive community-wide employment strategy. The implementation of this strategy will lead to reduced unemployment and poverty, and increased self-sufficiency among the Jewish community’s most vulnerable and marginalized members. This will result in less demand on community financial supports and other related social services. In addition, once employed, individuals will be more likely to thrive, and will have a new avenue to get on UJA Federation’s “affiliation highway”, where they can contribute their time, talent and/or dollars back to the community.

Ksharim – Mentoring Program for Israeli Newcomers

Funding from Six Points Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund (JVPF) will address the need for programming to increase the affiliation of Israeli newcomers within Toronto’s Jewish community as a whole. The Six Points grant, paired with the hands-on support of committee members will allow JVS Toronto to implement a unique community-specific mentoring program that will assist newcomer Israelis residing in Toronto to build professional networks and become connected to the City’s rich and vibrant Jewish community. The creation of this program aligns with UJA Federation’s objective to engage Israelis and other newcomers in an effort to cultivate the next generation of community leaders and supporters.

Reena's Job Creation Initiative

This initiative will see the establishment of an employment program that will provide job search, training, job placement and ongoing support to individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health issues. Individuals with developmental disabilities and other challenges (dual diagnosis) have had a difficult time accessing competitive employment. Our community has a need for people to work at entry level jobs who are loyal and invested in their work with excellent attendance records. We need the expertise of SixPoints JVPF members, their entrepreneurship, skills in strategic planning, marketing and public relations as well as their contacts to open doors to businesses in the community. The funding will assist with marketing and outreach, the development and distribution of the model as well as staff to do job analysis and placement. We will work closely with and learn from SixPoints JVPF members how to recruit businesses to this endeavour. The social climate for employing people with disabilities has never been as open as it is today. Let’s take advantage of the momentum of the Ontario government's AODA marketing to reach out to the community in a concerted way and launch this initiative.