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PJ Kids Roadshow

PJ Library is an international, award-winning outreach program committed to increase and deepen Jewish identity and connection by mailing free, high-quality Jewish children’s books and music to families raising Jewish children. UJA Federation has piloted PJ Library in York Region and is committed to securing funding to take the program across the GTA. In just one year over 1,500 families in York Region with children between the ages of 6 months and 5½ years old have registered. Parents and children are sharing quiet moments together reading and talking about the Jewish concepts and ideas presented by the books and participating in periodic programming. PJ Library has created a trusted brand for these parents, many of whom are unaffiliated with the organized community. We are seeking support, both financial and intellectual, from SixPoints JVPF to build on and extend the PJ Library brand and platform to create PJ Kids Roadshow. PJ Kids Roadshow goes beyond the books and general programming to meet the demand for excellent, affordable, in-home, educational programs offered through a Jewish lens. This will be done by building a professional network of the best educators, storytellers, musicians and entertainers to deliver in-home programming for young Jewish families and creating online tools for our target audience to learn about, access and provide feedback for these programs. Our goal is to create welcoming, Jewish-focused in-home and online opportunities for families to connect to one another, build community and affiliation.