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Community-Networking/ Storytelling/ Jewish- Identity/ Food/ Israel

Project HaMotzi

Project HaMotzi, meaning ‘who brings forth’, is an inclusive social networking and multi-media initiative. It is centered on ‘bringing forth’ traditional recipes and personal stories to showcase and preserve the diverse multicultural makeup of today’s hybrid Israeli culture. There is a strong need for positive PR for Israel, creating networks, unification of diverse Jewish communities and preserving and recording recipes and personal stories. Through the collaboration and networking of a wide-range of skill sets of the Jewish community in Toronto (including photographers, graphic designers, philanthropists, organizations, professionals, writers, students, etc), Project HaMotzi has developed initiatives to foster these needs. The initial project includes the production and publication of a vibrant, colourful and diverse anthology with short stories, recipes and contemporary and vintage photographs that culminate into a creative and aesthetically beautiful book, social networking website and book launch event. The project’s process is recorded to further create multimedia documentaries to be posted on the website and developed into a series and/or film. The social networking website will promote the project as well as allow people to post profiles, to share stories, recipes, photographs and video as well as, ask questions, exchange recipes/ideas and blog. Project HaMotzi is creating a ‘virtual table’ to bring networks together; thereby creating an evolving, organic and growing network through the participation of many diverse people within this project. Project HaMotzi utilizes food as a universal tool that engages people to share and learn in the experience of others; to experience their past and their present; their country of origin and their culture and traditions. The sharing of food, particularly ‘family recipes’ and their personal stories have always been an effective catalyst in bringing people together, bridging of cultural barriers and are a direct link to everyone’s cultural identity. Project HaMotzi documents the journey that brought people to Israel, what are the roots of the current Israeli society and culture; and how this relates to each of us in the Diaspora in exploring and understanding our own Jewish identity. Inspired from the name of your foundation, the “Six Points” of the Star of David can be viewed as representing the visual model of the network we are creating. The Six Points are the initial points of light from which intersecting networks can emanate and the twelve sides of the Star represent the joining through collaboration and sharing.