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Tikun Olam Productions

The goal of Tikun Olam Productions (TOP) is to create a unique and innovative media program, which is based on Jewish values, and sourced by the Jewish community of Toronto, yet has an extensive reach across Canada and the world. This program would use cutting-edge technology and communication mediums to produce radio, television, and documentary films with rich and meaningful content, which focuses on teaching empathy and raising the consciousness of both the Jewish and non-Jewish community to repair the world. Although TOP will be powered by Ve’ahavta, it will be open to all Jewish community organizations to be used as a media platform to share their tikun olam ideas, ventures, and experiences.

Dani Dairy Delights - Business Venture with a Social Twist

Dani Dairy Delights is a catering business venture with social relevance. It is a recent and essential component of D.A.N.I.’s (developing and nurturing independence of our young adults withspecial needs) day program. Menus are emailed to offices, schools, synagogues and individuals and requests are returned by the deadline. Under the guidance of a professional chef and staff, our young adults with challenges prepare and organize lunches. Orders are delivered and payment is collected by the young adults themselves. The money raised is placed in their own business account and the young adults, as partners, pay themselves a nominal salary from the profits. It is an incredibly encouraging and confidence building proposal that benefits the adults and the Jewish community. They practise kitchen, daily living and social skills that promote transition to independence in addition to financial values and planning.
It is a simple operation in our currently rented home that has been financially successful. However, due to increasing demands, we are moving to a much needed larger location. The funds offered by JVPF would help finance our professional kitchen and make it accessible to all of the participants. The strategic business expertise would help grow the business to the next level. The accumulated profit would then be used to help finance the D.A.N.I. program.