Strengthening Jewish
Life in Toronto.

We are a group of community leaders investing financial and intellectual resources in new ideas and passionate people who have a plan that will make a long-term positive impact on the Toronto Jewish community.

Earlier this year, we asked for your ideas. We got an overwhelming response.


Congratulations to the following Six Points Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund winners.

Dani Dairy Delights - Business Venture with a Social Twist

Dani Dairy Delights is a catering business venture with social relevance. It is a recent and essential component of D.A.N.I.’s (developing a… Read more

Kavanah Garden

Our big idea for moving Toronto’s vibrant Jewish community forward is to develop a permanent home for Shoresh’s Kavanah Garden where community … Read more

Camp Aim

CAMP AIM was established in 2008 to create a camp experience that would cater to the needs of Jewish children aged 3-12 with a wide range of di… Read more


These projects were selected as finalists.

Other finalists include: The TIME: The Toronto Israel new Media Experience | The Volunteer Engagement for the Future | The Centre for Immigrant Entrepreneurship & Employment Opportunities

More Submissions:

These are more project ideas submitted to the Six Points Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund.